How Big Should Your Wedding Cake Be?

Ultimately, your wedding cake can be any size you want it to be! Usually, the size is dependant on the number of guests attending your wedding, the number of portions required and whether the cake is being served as a plated dessert or later in the day as finger portions. Here are some general guidelines to help you determine the size of your wedding cake.

Number of Guests: The size of your wedding cake will depend on the number of guests you will be serving. A good rule of thumb is to order a cake that can serve at least 75% – 85% of your guests. Not all of your guests will want a slice of wedding cake but there will be other guests who may want seconds or wish to try each flavour from the various tiers.

Serving Size: The serving size of your wedding cake is typically 1″ x 2″. This is known as a finger portion. Your wedding cake maker can advise you on how many tiers you will require based on the number of finger portions required.

Dessert Option: You may wish to serve your wedding cake as a main plated dessert on the day, in which case, the portion size for each slice need to be slightly larger, and therefore, a larger number of tiers will be required. Alternatively, you may wish to have a two- or three-tiered cake as the focal point and arrange for your cake maker to have additional cutting cake(s) made and delivered to the venue. These cutting cakes will be exactly the same as the wedding cake and will be sliced into dessert portion sizes for your guests.

Cake for the Following Day: Some couples will have a gathering of friends and family the day after their wedding and may wish to serve wedding cake on that day too. This will need to be taken into account when discussing numbers during your cake consultation. Alternatively, a separate cake can be made and delivered the following day for that particular gathering.

As already noted, your cake maker will be able to provide you with lots of advice and guidance during your cake consultation. After cake sizes are agreed upon, then the fun can begin – cake flavours, cake coverings, cake decorations and so much more!

My next blog will be about ideas on how to create that wow factor with your wedding cake design …