Standard Terms and Conditions of Trading

These terms form the basis of the contract between the customer and Miri’s Cakes and Bakes 

Booking Fee

A non-refundable booking fee of £75.00 is required to secure the commission of your wedding cake and chosen date. This booking fee covers the cost of the wedding cake consultation, cake taster box and time spent at the venue setting up the wedding cake.

No contract is made with you until we have received your booking fee. Once your booking fee has been received you are in a legally binding contract with Miri’s Cakes and Bakes. 

Quotations are valid for a period of 7 calendar days from the day of issue. If your booking fee is not paid within 7 days, then I reserve the right to cancel any previous arrangements. 

By paying your booking fee it will be deemed that the terms and conditions are understood and accepted as applying to your order.

Cancellation and Postponement

If cancellation takes place 6 months prior to the event, 50% of the total order amount must be paid. If cancellation takes place 1 month prior to the event, I reserve the right to seek 100% of the order value.

Please be aware that postponements may be subject to an increase in costs, in line with the annual cost of inflation, dependant on the duration of the postponement.


I attempt to make every effort to create a cake designed to your exact wishes. It is your responsibility to ensure that your wishes are clearly stated, and colour swatches, photographs and other design aspects are given accurately. 

Any samples, drawings, or descriptions I issue, and any descriptions or illustrations contained on my website and social media are issued solely to provide you with an approximate idea of the cakes they describe and remain the property of Miri’s Cakes and Bakes.

I reserve the right to use images of your cake for any form of advertising including web-based promotions, brochures and galleries.

Design Alteration & Changes

It is your responsibility to read and check the order thoroughly.

If requested, I will endeavour to adjust the design where possible, but sometimes this is not possible according to the nature of the request or amount of notice given. If the alteration affects the cost, or preparation work for the original design has already been undertaken, then your balance will be adjusted accordingly. 

Final Payment

Final payment for your wedding cake is required no later than 1 month prior to the scheduled event.

If final payment or other arrangements are not made by this time, the order will be cancelled, and all monies forfeited. Miri’s Cakes and Bakes will not bake any cakes until payment in full has been received. 

The Cakes

All cakes are baked to order, using fresh ingredients, the week of your event. I do not use additives or preservatives and I do not pre bake and freeze cakes. As with any fresh product consumption is intended within 24 hours of delivery/collection to ensure enjoyment of the cakes at their very best.

Stacked cakes contain dowels in each tier to provide support and these should be removed before consumption.

Miri’s Cakes and Bakes will not take responsibility for any defect in the cakes arising from wilful damage, accident, negligence by you or any third party.

Climate Conditions & Storage

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the cake will be stored / set up in an area that is climate controlled to ensure that the cake remains intact and retains its original condition. Extreme high temperatures and humidity due to weather conditions and the lack of a cool environment at the appointed location may adversely affect the condition of the cake. 

Cakes should be stored in a dry place, at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. The cake should NOT be refrigerated.

Miri’s Cakes and Bakes will take every step possible to ensure a quality product upon delivery. Miri’s Cakes and Bakes cannot be held responsible for unfavourable conditions at the cakes destination.

Food Allergy Disclaimer

Miri’s Cakes and Bakes is NOT an allergy-free kitchen. I cannot guarantee that products are free from ingredients that may affect those with food allergies.  

Miri’s Cakes and Bakes will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to our products.

The following ingredients are used in our kitchen:

  • Milk and other dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Nuts: peanuts, walnuts, almonds, coconut
  • Wheat and gluten

Please note that some food colourings may have an effect on behaviour in children.

Cakes stands and frames

In the event that Miri’s Cakes and Bakes provides cake stands and cake frames not purchased by the responsible party, they must be returned within 5 days of the event.  Failure to return cake stands and frames will result in NO REFUND of hire deposit.  Upon return of all stands your deposit will promptly be refunded.


If your cake requires fresh flowers, then these are not included in the price. I can work with your florist but expect you to make all the necessary arrangements with the florist. Please note Miri’s Cakes and Bakes is not responsible for any issues with your fresh flowers. 

If fresh flowers are used, the cake will be set-up as late as feasibly possible to ensure their freshness throughout the day but depending on the varieties used and the weather conditions at the time, it may be necessary to cut the cake relatively early on in the proceedings to ensure their freshness for the photography.

Cake Toppers & Other Decorative Items

Cake toppers, ornaments, ribbon or other decorative items that are purchased by the responsible party must be delivered to Miri’s Cakes and Bakes a minimum of 7 days prior to cake delivery.

Cake Table

The responsible party is responsible for ensuring that there is a cake table available at time of delivery. If the table is to be skirted or otherwise covered it must be prepared before the cake is set up. The table must be secure and level and must be able to support a minimum of 50lbs. Once the cake is set up it is no longer the responsibility of Miri’s Cakes and Bakes.  Miri’s Cakes and Bakes cannot be held responsible for tables provided by the customer/venue that fail to support the weight of the cake.

Delivery / Setup and Acceptance

At the time of delivery and set up, a designated responsible party must be present to inspect and sign for final cake set up. Once the cake is set up and accepted, it is no longer the responsibility of Miri’s Cakes and Bakes.